Hotel Case Study

This hotel was experiencing problems with grease accumulation in their kitchen exhaust, and poor quality cleans by kitchen exhaust cleaners wasting their money, leaving them with fire risk and a non-compliant system. 


  • Grease build-up throughout the system leaving them with a high fire risk
  • High Cost of Monthly Servicing over $5000 per annum, and staff washing frames in between.
  • Poor workmanship of current duct cleaner resulting in wasted money
  • Filters, tracks, and canopy accumulating grease
  • Canopy only cleans were being performed, not the full system for 3+ years, as was their requirement


  • We performed an initial inspection of the current state of the kitchen exhaust system
  • Recommended the clean-up of system with a professional cleaner
  • Installation of Kitchen Exhaust Grease Solution Shepherd Filters with training and monitoring over the first month


A client was able to reduce their costs and risk of fire with a true solution in place, not wasting their money as previously. Shepherd Filters is a value for money solution.


The client asked us to inspect their recent kitchen exhaust clean as they noticed the system was still dripping grease just a week after the clean. We found the canopy had been cleaned and the rest of the system was full of grease.  This is very common for people not to inspect the work of cleaners and trusting the cleaner or the fake reports provided. The current method of washing the honeycomb filters cannot remove the historic grease, only stopping around 20-40% of new grease.   Areas of the duct had no access, and the fan was covered in grease.

Grease was not removed from up above the filters, in between the filters, and at the bottom of the CANOPY. The client was in shock as this was to their knowledge being cleaned bimonthly.

This resulted in grease leaking through the bottom of the canopy and into to the tracks, costing staff extra time to manage:

This problem did not just happen since the last clean, this is years of neglect. You can see above how none of the ducting has been touched beyond what the customer can see.

We noted areas where access could have been installed.  The client had never previously been informed of such by a duct cleaner. The ducting was showing high levels of grease accumulation, presenting a fire risk.

The fan was also untouched, showing high levels of historical grease.  There was no record of any cleaning for over 3+ years. 

We were unable to even turn off the fan due to the switch being completely jammed up with grease, a high safety risk.

We recommended the client ask the duct cleaners to return and quote to have the full system cleaned.

We recommended before photos which match quotes of work being said is necessary, that a further before and after photo report be obtained to provide any further access required or missed areas reported in writing.  We also recommended they must provide a current certificate of insurance including the date, location and ABN details.

Most importantly, we recommend the kitchen exhaust clean be phyically checked, either by themselves, or by a third party.


The Shepherd Filters solution was recommended for the client to have peace of mind and avoid this ongoing problem, as well as to stop up to 98% of future grease from entering the kitchen exhaust system and protect the areas which had been cleaned. Now with the system cleaned, Shepherd Filters was installed and staff trained in 10 minutes.

Various filters last anywhere from a day to a week to a month depending on the equipment such as grill, fryer, or combi ovens beneath. Staff change filters in minutes each day.



Shepherd Filters was costing the client less than half of this amount and providing a true solution to stop future grease. Please note unless we can get the system clean then our product is not the solution for pre-existing grease.

We continued to help the client see how these words on their subsequent quote were still leaving them at risk, plus there was no allowance to clean the Pizza Oven hood or fan.

“Allowance for Cleaning of Accessible Ducting”


With a true solution in place and a happy customer not wasting their money as previously.   

Shepherd Filters is a value for money solution.  Peace of mind their fire risk is greatly reduced.


  • Require only one minor clean per year as per Australian Standards
  • Reduce costs
  • Will have significantly lower fire risks

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